A Wildlife Adventure on Epic Games Store

This week, you can snag two great games.

A new set of freebies from Epic Games is now available. Today, users can claim two very different PC titles. One will make you sweat with its challenging gameplay, and the other one will help you relax while playing!

Claim Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun for free on Epic Games Store

Remember the classic Commandos PC games? Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is just the same when it comes to difficulty and hardcore stealth gameplay. During the playthrough, you’ll control a team of a few deadly specialists and participate in various missions. Are you skilled enough to overcome impossible challenges? Find out by downloading and playing the game now!

Claim Alba: A Wildlife Adventure for free on Epic Games Store

If you want to take a break from all these violent and challenging titles, here is your chance to do so. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a pretty wholesome game! It will let you play as a girl who will be spending the summer with grandparents. Once our heroine starts her break, she finds out that there are more important things to do than relaxing. The wildlife on this beautiful island needs help, and she is the only one who can provide it.

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