Best Warzone BAR class: Loadout, attachments, Perks, and equipment

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 weapons with the highest K/D in Warzone that will reveal the weapons you need to use in Season 4.

Kill/death ratio has long been the metric Call of Duty players use to determine their skill. If you’re unsure of what this means, it’s quite simply how many kills you manage to record before you die yourself.

Website has tracked the average K/D players have when using specific weapons, and from that, we can see what the highest K/D weapons are based on slaying potential.

We’re counting down the top ten Warzone weapons with the highest K/D ratios in Warzone Season 4 as of July 13, 2022.

Highest K/D weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 4

10. UGM-8 – 1.06 K/D

Best UGM-8 loadout in Warzone

The UGM-8 takes the tenth spot on this list as a new Season 4 LMG. It is the only LMG on the list and after players discovered how powerful the weapon’s burst-fire build was, it’s no surprise to see such an impressive K/D.

The UGM-8 is a weapon that excels during long-range combat, which means if you prefer Caldera gameplay you’ll love the new LMG.

9. Armaguerra 43 – 1.06 K/D

Warzone Armaguerra SMG

At the moment, the Armaguerra is looking like the best-kept secret in Warzone with a 1.06 K/D.

The SMG has incredible strafe speed and fantastic TTK, allowing it to compete with the SMGs ahead of it. The Armaguerra arrived during Season 2 and if you haven’t unlocked it yet, you may want to complete the challenge and give the powerful SMG a try.

8. KG M40 – 1.07 K/D

KG M40 Assault Rifle Warzone

The KG M40 is perhaps the easiest Assault Rifle you can use in Warzone. If you struggle with controlling recoil, the KG M40 is the perfect long-range weapon to take to Caldera in Season 4.

Thanks to Season 4 buffs, the KG M40 is an absolute laser beam. As is the case with low recoil weapons, it doesn’t pack a powerful punch, but chances are you’ll be hitting most of your shots from distance.

7. BAR – 1.09 K/D

bar warzone

The BAR is currently considered one of the best long-range weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 4. This is mostly due to its easy-to-control recoil and decent TTK, allowing you to take out enemies from range with ease.

Despite being seventh on the list, this weapon is deadly and holds a respectable 1.09 K/D.

6. 3-Line Rifle – 1.11 K/D

3-Line Rifle in Warzone Pacific

The 3-Line Rifle just misses out on being the highest K/D Sniper in Warzone, but the fact that it ranks sixth overall across all weapons is a telling sign. It’s one of the few Snipers that can still one-shot kill players with headshots from any distance.

It also recently had its movement and ADS speed buffed which has seen it rise up the ranks.

5. ZRG 20mm – 1.13 K/D

Best Warzone ZRG Loadout

Due to the major Sniper changes that arrived in Season 3, longtime favorites like the Kar98k and Swiss are no longer present on this list. Instead, it’s the Snipers that retained their one-shot kill potential, like the ZRG 20mm, that make the cut.

4. Combat Shield – 1.14 K/D

Combat Shield Vanguard

This may come as a nasty surprise to most players but Vanguard’s Combat Shield sneaks into the list with a 1.14 K/D. Of course, the Combat Shield is a niche pick that only suits a particular playstyle.

Nonetheless, such an impressive K/D suggests that the Combat Shield role of baiting and luring enemies into traps could be a valuable one in Solos or a squad of expert players.

3. Marco 5 – 1.21 K/D

Marco 5 SMG Warzone

The Marco 5 SMG is one of two new Season 4 weapons to make this list and it is deserving of its spot. Thanks to its excellent mobility we have yet another Vanguard SMG that is deadly on all three Warzone maps in Season 4.

The weapon is also unique in that it is the only SMG that can be dual-wielded thanks to the Akimbo attachment.

2. NZ-41 – 1.29 K/D – Highest K/D Assault Rifle in Warzone

NZ-41 loadout Warzone Pacific

The NZ-41 gained quite a lot of attention throughout the end of Season 3 and the start of Season 4. The devs have attempted to nerf the weapon three times now, but it remains the best Assault Rifle in Warzone.

This Vanguard AR boasts a great TTK, and with a K/D of 1.29, it’s definitely worth a try before it gets nerfed for a fourth and likely final time.

1. H4 Blixen – 1.68 K/D – Highest K/D weapon in Warzone

Best Warzone H4 Blixen loadout

The H4 Blixen arrived in the Season 3 Reloaded update and has dominated ever since. This weapon has a great TTK from close range, becoming one of the most reliable close-combat weapons.

With a whopping 1.68 K/D, this Vanguard SMG is currently the highest K/D weapon in Warzone Pacific Season 4, and if that doesn’t make you want to try it out, we don’t know what will.

That covers Warzone Season 4’s highest K/D guns to use. Also, check out our complete tier list and ranking of every Warzone gun.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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