Build your own Festival Bundle 2022

A new edition of Festival Bundle is here! Select up to 10 games and pay only $4.99 for them.

A new opportunity to grab Steam titles for cheap has appeared! With the Fanatical Build your own Festival Bundle, you can expand your library for a low price.

Pick up one game and pay only $1.00. There is also an option to select five titles for $2.99 or 10 for $4.99! The math is easy – get the highest bundle tier, and you will get to pay only $0.49 for each game of your choice!

You can see the full line-up from the Build your own Festival Bundle. If you don’t own some of these, it’s the best moment to complete your collection!


If you need a hand with completing the bundle, how about adding these to your pack?

  • Detention – a horror indie game with a frightening atmosphere;
  • XIII Classic – a first-person shooter with fancy cel-shaded graphics;
  • Shadows: Awakening – an RPG featuring real-time tactical combat.

Most PC titles included in the Fanatical Build Your Own Festival Bundle are positively reviewed on Steam.

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