Build your own Headliner Bundle

Grab some big PC titles for cheap! The bundle starts at $4.99 for three games of your choice.

It’s the third day of BundleFest 2022, and we get yet another amazing pack from Fanatical. Build your own Headliner Bundle includes a selection of incredible games you can add to your Steam library.

Pay $4.99, and feel free to select three of the games featured in the bundle. For $7.99, you can pick up five titles, and if you are willing to choose the highest tier, you will get seven for $9.99. That’s only a little bit more than a dollar for a single game!

See the full line-up of the bundle below!

Quite impressive, isn’t it? For such a low price, you shouldn’t miss:

  • Tokyo Xanadu eX+ – a role-playing game from Nihon Falcom, a studio mostly known for the popular Ys series;
  • Victor Vran – an action RPG that will satisfy your hunger for killing hordes of demons and other creatures. Fans of Diablo will love it;
  • Saints Row 2 – a crazy title with a broad, open world. Jump into the game that offers players true freedom and a playable campaign in co-op!

That are just a few suggestions. No matter what you are going to select, you should know that nearly all games featured in the Fanatical Build your own Headliner Bundle are positively reviewed by Steam users!

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