Build Your Own Indie-pendence Bundle

Are you looking for cheap Steam keys? You can get some from Fanatical!

Don’t like paying the full price for games? Well, nobody does. Thanks to a brand-new collection from Fanatical, savings on some nice indies exceed even 90%!

The latest Build Your Own Bundle has multiple tiers. Pick one of the PC titles included in the selection below, and you can own it for only one dollar. But, if you select five of them, you get to pay only $2.99! The most tempting is the highest tier, which is $4.99 for ten games. Paying a mere $0.50 per chosen item sounds good, doesn’t it?

Below you can see the full lineup of Fanatical Indie-pendence Bundle.

In your selection, you shouldn’t skip Syberia Triple Pack, which features Syberia, Syberia II, and Syberia 3. A single dollar (or even less, if you decide on a higher bundle tier) is more than a great deal for the collection of adventure titles!

Cosmic Star Heroine, Tinytopia, and Cat Quest at the same insanely low price sound like solid choices. But no matter what you select, there is one thing for sure – that’s the best offer for most of these, and it will be difficult to find them any cheaper in the official stores.

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