Build your own Labor Day Bundle

Pick any title from the new bundle and pay just one dollar!

The latest Fanatical collection is quite a treat for people hunting for cheap PC titles. There are indie productions from various genres, including exciting adventures, puzzles, and even a simulator for managing items in your inventory. It may sound strange, but yes, it exists!

You can select one game for $1.00, five for $2.99, or ten for only $4.99! The math is easy – people going for the highest bundle tier will pay only $0.49 per item! That price is not too high, and some titles are worth trying.

Take a look at the complete lineup of the Build your own Labor Day Bundle below 👇 Most of the games in this bundle from Fanatical have garnered positive buzz from players!

Can’t you make up your mind? Let us guide you! The organization puzzle game, Save Room, mentioned earlier in the article, is worth picking up. It tries to recreate the Resident Evil 4 inventory screen. Why would somebody create a game like that? It is said that this is the most relaxing inventory management in gaming history. No wonder people would crave such cozy gameplay. Honestly, managing stuff is pretty satisfying.

However, if you want something more intriguing, She Sees Red, an interactive thriller, is also on the list. Fans of FMV titles will undoubtedly enjoy it, especially when snagged for such a low price!

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