Build Your Own Mega Bundle

Choose games YOU want to play, starting from $1.00 for 1 item!

Build Your Own Mega Bundle features a massive selection of games and packs of a few titles! With this Fanatical bundle, you will be able to expand your Steam library effectively at a relatively low cost.

You can pick one game for $1.00, five for $2.99, or ten for only $4.99! If you decide on the highest bundle tier, you will pay $0.49 per item of your choice. It’s not a high price, and some of these titles are definitely worth it. You can see the full line-up of Build Your Own Mega Bundle below 👇

Lost in the selection? We recommend starting with these games:

  • Zen Chess Quad Pack – a collection of four very minimalist chess puzzle titles. Solve hundreds of puzzles carefully selected by a Chess Grandmaster.
  • Torchlight – an award-winning hack and slash. If you enjoy playing Diablo-like games, this is a must-have for such a price!
  • 99Vidas – a brawler game with pleasant pixel graphics. It features a lot of references to 80s and 90s pop culture and gaming.

Most of the titles included in the Fanatical Build Your Own Mega games bundle are positively reviewed on Steam.

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