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Grab games that are perfect for playing on your Steam Deck or other portable gaming PCs.

Today, Fanatical has launched a Steam Deck games bundle. If you got your hands on a Steam Deck, consider checking out the latest Fanatical bundle, which offers only Steam Deck Verified games.

The bundle starts at $4.99. This option will allow you to pick three out of seventeen games. If you want more titles, select the $6.99 tier for five games or the $9.99 tier for eight games.

If you want to get new games for your Steam Deck at the lowest possible price per item, we suggest selecting enough games for the highest bundle tier. You will get to pay around $1.25 for each game you want to play if you do so.

Here is the entire bundle line-up:

All of the titles included in the Fanatical Play on the Go Bundle have positive notes on Steam. If you need a recommendation or two, how about getting these:

  • The Sexy Brutale – the indie game full of intrigue. Solve mysterious case where guests at the masked ball are being murdered;
  • Skeletal Avenger – a hack & slash game where you will become a skeletal warrior on a quest for vengeance;
  • Party Hard 2 – a single-player or local co-op game where you get to destroy other people’s parties.

After purchase, you will be able to redeem all of your keys through Steam. Now you can enjoy your new collection without worry on handheld, thanks to the full Steam Deck support.

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