Build your own Slayer Bundle 6

The latest Fanatical collection will let you expand your Steam library with fun games.

Another day, another pack from Fanatical! The brand-new Build Your Own Slayer Bundle features a line-up of engaging PC titles from many genres: be it an RPG, something goofy to play, or a solid adventure-puzzle game. People who love to experiment with various genres will surely find many new additions to their libraries.

The bundle features multiple tiers. Three of the games included in the selection below can be yours for only $4.99. You can also select five titles for $7.99 or seven for $9.99. At the highest tier, you spend less than $1.50 per chosen item. That’s more than a fair price for quality indies.

Here is the full list of games of Fanatical’s Build Your Own Slayer Bundle 6:

That’s quite an insanely low price for the likes of This War of Mine Complete Edition, Grotto, and JANITOR BLEEDS. Each of these rarely goes separately below the cost of four-five dollars in the official stores. With the purchase of the pack, you are guaranteed to score all these cheaply!

Played already something on the list? Recommend it to others, or let them know if you were disappointed with the gameplay. The comment section below is always open for such discussions.

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