Build your own Summer Bundle 2022

Spend a dollar, and get an indie game!

Fanatical Build your own Summer Bundle 2022 is even more tempting when you look at the other purchase options. Besides getting one game for a single dollar, there are other options: five PC titles for $2.99 or ten for $4.99.

If you decide to grab the last tier, you will pay $0.50 for each item! Moreover, all of these come in the form of Steam keys. You can see all of the games included in the selection below.

For this price, everything that’s on this list can be more or less recommended. If you like platformers, you will love Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. Fan of horrors? Check out the Dread X Collection, a collection of ten spooky titles.

Additionally, most of these PC games are reviewed positively by Steam users.

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