Build Your Own Triple Pack 2

Select the games you want to play from a collection of nine great indie productions.

The new edition of the make-your-own triple pack is now live on Fanatical, featuring only a single price tier. For $2.99, you can obtain three games that you’ll select yourself.

Unto The End and Tokyo Xanadu eX+ definitely stand out in the line-up. You won’t find them any cheaper in the official distribution. Add one more, and voila, you’ll receive a nice pack of Steam games at a bargain! If you already own them, don’t worry, the other items are neat too.

The rest of the titles are mostly positively reviewed by players on Steam. For that low of a price, less than $1 for one product of your choice, you surely won’t regret the purchase. Below you can find an entire list of games included in the new Fanatical bundle.

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