Developer Update – Removal of the Leaderboards with Update 1.9


We wanted to make you all aware that with Update 1.9 we will be removing the current iteration of the Leaderboard system.

Leaderboards are an important feature of Hunt: Showdown, however, we feel that the current version is not in line with the original vision we have for recognizing the best of the best Hunters. This is in part due to past issues with exploits and the focus on KD over quality solo and team play.

Based on several factors, including feedback we have received from the community; we feel that now is the best time to deactivate this feature while we work on a better solution.

We do not have a timeframe on when a new version of the leaderboards will be added back to Hunt, but we will be sure to keep everyone updated when that time comes.

Please note, all information that is currently tracked will still be tracked and be visible on your profile.


~The Hunt team.

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