Fanatical – Hidden Gems Bundle 9

Add five hidden gems to your Steam library for only five bucks!

It’s impossible to play every new game, especially when it comes to indie productions. Fortunately, Fanatical got us covered, and their latest bundle allows us to catch up on some titles we might have missed!

The package costs $4.99 and includes five Steam games. The collection features Discolored, a strange and surreal puzzle adventure, and Sheepo, a quirky Metroidvania platformer. It’s worth noting that Sheepo is currently at the lowest price ever! What’s more, this offer is even more tempting if you divide the cost of the pack by the number of games.

The average player rating for each game in Fanatical’s Hidden Gems 9 bundle is “extremely positive,” which is extra encouraging. It’s a must-buy if you enjoy uncovering hidden gaming gems and trying something new! 

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