Fanatical – Iconic Board Game Bundle

Treat yourself to collection of solid digital board games!

If you are a fan of board games and don’t mind playing them in digital form, you should look at a brand new bundle from Fanatical! With Iconic Board Game Bundle, you will get Steam keys for games that are pretty popular among newcomers and people who want to play some board games with their families.

Pay $14.99 and get a classic mystery game, Clue/Cluedo, or a sequel to one of the most popular board games, The Game of Life 2. Below you can see two more games that will be yours after a purchase 👇 These digital board games are sure to hook you up for a lot of hours whether you plan to play these by yourself or with other people in multiplayer modes.

Iconic Board Game Bundle from Fanatical runs only for one week until June 13th.

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