Fanatical – Nemesis Bundle XI

Seven positively reviewed indie games, and a few DLCs, are included with this bundle.

After nearly two years, a new edition of Nemesis Bundle has launched on the Fanatical website! This bundle series used to be quite good, but how is it now? Let’s find out!

Nemesis Bundle XI starts at $3.49 for six games and two DLCs. With this bundle tier, you will receive Steam keys for such hits as Aragami and FAR: Lone Sails. Getting these two titles for such a low price is a great offer, and let’s not forget that even more stuff is packed there.

The second tier, priced at $7.79, adds EVERSPACE along with a major expansion Encounters and upgrades with the deluxe edition content to the first-tier collection. Not every day can you get the complete edition of the game for that price, and if you count the value of the first tier, it’s hard to pass that kind of deal!

Below you can see the full line-up of Fanatical Nemesis Bundle XI.

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