Fanatical Platinum Collection – Build your own Bundle

The luxurious line-up of games for May is now up! The bundle starts from $9.99 for three titles.

The brand-new Platinum Collection Bundle has launched on Fanatical. The May 2022 edition includes 18 games, ranging from engaging simulation titles to fun platformers!

You can select three items for $9.99, five for $14.99, or seven for $19.99. Those purchasing the highest bundle tier will pay less than three dollars for each game of their choice. That’s a tempting offer, considering the number of games the bundle features.

Here’s the full line-up of PC titles featured in the Fanatical Platinum Collection May 2022 bundle:

In case you require a bit of advice on what is worth picking up from the collection, there are a few examples that you could choose:

  • Flashing Lights – an emergency services simulator game. Enter a big open world and enjoy roleplaying as a police officer, fire department, or emergency medical services member. The title features single-player mode and co-op multiplayer with up to 10 players;
  • 20XX – a game that is a mix of action, roguelike, and platforming. The countless number of challenging random levels await every fan of platformers;
  • SCARF – a puzzle adventure title set in a magical world with a unique mythology. The game will let you find out what it means to be a hero!

Moreover, nearly every title included in Fanatical Platinum Collection BYOB May 2022 is positively reviewed by Steam users!

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