FaZe Jev explains why Shipment needs to arrive in Modern Warfare 2 before Warzone 2

As top Call of Duty YouTuber FaZe Jev prepares himself for Modern Warfare 2’s camo grind, he has explained why Shipment needs to arrive before Warzone 2’s launch.

Shipment is often regarded as the perfect map for taking on Call of Duty’s camo grind. Although you can’t get any long shots, you’re constantly fighting and can rack up tons of kills without any downtime.

Leaks claim that Shipment will return in Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty YouTuber FaZe Jev explained why it needs to arrive ahead of Warzone 2.

Shipment arrived in Vanguard between launch and the Season 1 update, allowing camo grinders to make serious progress ahead of the Warzone Pacific update. However, with Warzone 2’s leaked November 16 release date, this would only give players three weeks to unlock the camos ahead of the battle royale’s arrival.

FaZe Jev is known for undertaking lengthy camo grinds with every Call of Duty launch, but they’ve only become more time-consuming since Modern Warfare 2019. He said that Shipment will make the grind easier and less stressful, which is why it needs to arrive before Warzone 2.

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Jev explained that he expects Shipment to arrive a week or two after launch, but “the problem is that if you’re going for all the camos and stuff in preparation for Warzone and you’re trying to get all of this done in three weeks … If it’s not so fun and it’s long and it’s grueling on bad maps, what’s the point?”

“It’s where Shipment comes in,” he continued. “It eliminates all of that frustration and even though it’s mind-numbing … there’s no stress. By removing all the extra stress it makes all of the time just not really that bad, it just is what it is.”

He goes on to explain that it “takes the load off your brain,” and makes the camo grind much more bearable.

We’ll likely need to wait until the game’s launch to learn how lengthy Modern Warfare 2’s camo grind will be, but make sure to tune into the Call of Duty Next event to learn more.

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