FREE Killing Floor 2 and Ancient Enemy on Epic Games Store

A bloody shooter and RPG card battler are served for this week.

EGS has released today the previously announced freebies. We can now add two good titles to our Epic libraries: Killing Floor 2 and Ancient Enemy. You have time until July 7th at 15:00 UTC to get these!

Killing Floor 2 is free on the Epic Games Store!

The first game on today’s giveaway, Killing Floor 2, is a popular monster-slaughtering shooter. You choose one of the varied playable characters and fight alone or in online co-op mode against hordes of enemies. KF2 features a great challenge at higher difficulty levels, lots of seasonal events, and a huge amount of gore.

After six years since its release, the title still has a big and active player base. So if you love playing these kinds of shooters with others online, you won’t be disappointed. Additionally, as the game is given away right now, you can expect a wave of fresh players to play together with!

Ancient Enemy is free on the Epic Games Store!

The second freebie, Ancient Enemy, is something fun to play in single-player mode. Grey Alien Games is known for making solid and enjoyable solitaire titles, and this one is no exception. The developers took elements from the role-playing genre and mixed them into a solitaire-styled card battler.

Travel through a world overtaken by evil. Survive the numerous harsh battles and defeat the deadliest of your enemies. Can you get rid of the evil once and for all? You are going to have a blast with this one if you are a fan of Darkest Dungeon or Slay The Spire!

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