FREE Lost Ark Stronghold Activity Relief Pack for Prime Gaming subscribers

Upgrade your in-game stronghold with these freebies!

Members of Prime Gaming can claim the new in-game content pack for a still popular MMORPG – Lost Ark. Here is how to get a chest that will surely come in handy:

Lost Ark Prime Gaming Loot for August 2022

The loot is exclusively available for Amazon Prime subscribers. The Lost Ark rewards for August 2022 include:

  • Stronghold Activity Relief Chest. It provides Research Acceleration Chip, Dispatch Acceleration Chip, and Crafting Acceleration Ship;
  • Five days of Crystalline Aura. This item is going to grant you numerous premium benefits, such as a quicker recovery of life energy used for skills, reducing your travel costs, additional Bitfrost slots, and others;
  • 500 Amethyst Shards. The rarest premium currency, especially helpful in the end-game;
  • 5x Vitameow. Give it to your pets to restore their stamina!

To obtain it, go to this page. But beforehand, you must link the game account with your Amazon account. Once you’ve done it, you can snag the Stronghold Activity Relief Pack!

Free 30-Day Amazon / Prime Gaming trial:

A trial version of Prime membership is available for new Amazon users only. After 30 days, the subscription will be automatically renewed, and you will be charged. If you want to avoid that, you can cancel it during the trial period.

The August 2022 Prime Gaming Lost Ark drops are available only until September 26th, 2022. Enjoy!

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