FREE Maneater on Epic Games Store

The final free title included in Epic Mystery Vault Games 2022 is live!

The newest freebie is revealed. Yesterday, we published an article suspecting that this title will be the next Epic free game, and it has proved authentic! You can get Maneater free of charge on Epic Games Store!

The title from Tripwire Interactive will let you experience being an unusual protagonist. You won’t hunt deadly sharks in this game. Instead, you will get to become one!

In Maneater, you will try to get revenge on the fishers responsible for the death of your shark mother. You have no chance to do that as a small shark, so you will need to become bigger and stronger to fulfil that. There is only one way to do that – stand on the top of the food chain and feed on wildlife and humans.

Maneater is free on Epic for a limited time!

Go to this Epic Games Store page to claim your Maneater free game. There, press the “GET” button and finalize your order. That’s everything you need to do to get your hands on a free copy of Maneater! Now you can download and play the title anytime from your library.

You have time to get your freebie on Epic Games Store until June 16th, 2022. Enjoy!

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