FREE Minion Masters – KaBOOM Kingdom on Steam

The freshly released add-on is free for a limited time.

With KaBOOM Kingdom DLC, you can start (or expand) your Scrat deck in a fast-paced hybrid of card games and tower-defense, Minion Masters. It will surely help you to become King of the Scrats much faster and give you a solid boost in this month’s Season Pass.

Claim new Minion Masters DLC for free

To add KaBOOM Kingdom expansion at no extra charge to your library, go to the following page on Steam and click on the “Add to Account” button. You need to own the game to add this downloadable content to the account. It’s available f2p on Steam.

After getting your freebie, you will get access to the following items:

  • 3x Wreckinator 9000 (Legendary)
  • 5x Boom Buggy (Supreme)
  • 20x Scrat Tank
  • 40x Zeppelin Bomber
  • 40x Cannon Roller
  • 5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises)
  • 3x Season Pass Tiers

This Scrat pack giveaway is valid only until July 14th, 2022. Enjoy!

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