FREE Supraland on Epic Games Store

This week you can add to your library a terrific indie game!

Epic Games Store is currently giving away Supraland. Tens of thousands of players have acknowledged a game that delivered a unique gaming experience, and now you get the chance to see what charmed people in this indie title!

Supraland is free on Epic Games for a limited time!

If you like games where you can spend your time exploring the world, solving puzzles, and fighting monsters, you are in luck! Additionally, the source of inspiration for making such a game were hits like Zelda or Portal. And developers of Supraland have managed to make the best of the inspiration and create a unique and satisfying indie game.

To claim a free copy of Supraland, start by visiting this Epic Games Store page. Now, click on the “GET” button and finish your order. That’s it, you own the game in your Epic Games library now, and you can download and play it anytime you want.

You can get your Supraland free game on the Epic Games Store until June 23rd, 2022. After this time, the next freebie featuring a different game will launch.

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