FREE Tannenberg and Shop Titans on Epic Games Store

The store is giving away two free games right now.

The new freebies at Epic are now available. Until July 28th at 15:00 UTC, you can claim two PC titles: Tannenberg and Shop Titans. Once you do that, you can keep these forever!

Tannenberg is free on Epic Games Store!

If you are a fan of World War games, you definitely shouldn’t miss this offer. A multiplayer shooter with a WW1 setting, Tannenberg, will satisfy the most demanding fans. Players of this one are going into online battles with authentic uniforms, realistic weaponry, and maps based on the actual battlefield.

Shop Titans is free on Epic Games Store!

The other giveaway is a shopkeeper simulation game. Design the store of your dreams in a fantasy world, gather a party of heroes to gather loot, and craft new valuable items.

When you log into Shop Titan this week through the Epic Games Store and achieve Level 8, you will receive The Exclusive Giveaway Package. It grants access to the following content:

  • Blueprint: Champion Vigil
  • Blueprint: Assassin Tanto
  • Blueprint: Dismantler’s Pickaxe
  • Blueprint: Fizzy Guzzle Bottle
  • Decoration: Valiant Banner
  • Decoration: Oni Shrine
  • Decoration: Llama Pinata
  • Shopkeeper customization: Good Ol’ Pickaxe
  • 50 Argon Tokens
  • 50 Antique Tokens
  • 3 Slimy Keys
  • 3 Slimy Chests
  • 200 Webbed Wings (crafting material)
  • 200 Moon Crystals (crafting material)

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