FREE The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Unity

Play the re-imagined version of a role-playing classic!

Today, GOG has added a new title, Daggerfall Unity, to its collection of free games. A unique GOG Cut of the TES Daggerfall Unity features numerous visual and gameplay enhancements. Now you can enjoy the good old game with preinstalled mods and settings that will make you think that you are playing remaster of the Daggerfall!

Download a new free GOG game – Daggerfall Unity

To get your free game copy, visit this store page on GOG. Once you are there, add the game to your cart and finish your order. After you are done, you can download the game DRM-Free from your GOG games library. Enjoy!

The Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut includes the following mods:

  • D.R.E.A.M. by King of Worms – KoW
  • Improved Interior Lighting by ShortBeard
  • Better Ambience by Joshua Steinhauer
  • Loading screen by TheLacus
  • Enhanced Sky by Interkarma
  • Interesting Eroded Terrains by Monobelisk and Freak2121
  • Distant Terrain by Nystul-the-Magician
  • Basic Roads by Hazelnut
  • Real Grass 2 by TheLacus
  • Vibrant Wind by Uncanny Valley – TheLacus – VMblast
  • Taverns Redone by Uncanny Valley
  • Handpainted model replacements by AlexanderSig
  • Windmills of Daggerfall by Kamer
  • Detailed city walls by Cliffworms
  • Birds in Daggerfall by Uncanny Valley
  • Fixed dungeon exteriors by Cliffworms
  • Lively cities by Cliffworms
  • Unofficial Block Location and Model fixes by XJDHDR
  • Readied Spellcasting Hands by jefetienne
  • Roleplay and Realism by Hazelnut
  • Roleplay and Realism Items by Hazelnut and Ralzar
  • Daggerfall Skyshards by Uncanny Valley
  • Airships by Kaedius
  • Archaeologists guild by Hazelnut
  • Daggerfall Unity Quest pack 1 by JayH2971
  • Daggerfall Unity Quest pack 2 by JayH2971
  • World of Daggerfall Project  by World of Daggerfall Team
  • Bestiary by Shapur
  • Famous Faces of the Iliac Bay by Cliffworms
  • You Can Pet The Cat by technitaur
  • Ambient Text by Regnier
  • Darker Dungeons  by Ralzar
  • Daggerfall Expanded Textures by Cliffworms
  • World of Daggerfall Project by World of Daggerfall Team / Cliffworms
  • Bestiary by Shapur
  • Famous Faces of the Iliac Bay by Cliffworms
  • You Can Pet The Cat by technitaur
  • Ambient Text Regnier
  • Darker Dungeons by Ralzar
  • Levelling Inspiration by Cliffworms
  • Town Descriptions And Details by imsobadatnicknames
  • Rest Warning If Unwell by Kirk O
  • World Tooltips by jefetienne
  • Convenient Quest Log by Macadaynu
  • JayH’s Random Little Quests by JayH2971

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