FREE Unrailed! on Epic Games Store

Add a fun and chaotic game to your collection where you must build train tracks.

Per last week’s announcement, the next free game on Epic is now up for grabs. Until August 11th at 15:00 UTC, you can claim Unrailed. Anyone who picks up the title for free by then will be able to keep it in their Epic Games library forever!

Unrailed! is free on Epic Games Store!

The newest freebie is a railroad construction title that’s the most fun when played in co-op with others. In the game, your task is to keep the train from derailing. Sounds easy, but it’s not as you progress.

Besides gathering resources and crafting the pieces of tracks, you will come across many difficulties on the journey. Be it an unfavorable terrain that will make you abandon your original travel plan and come up quickly with another, or various settlers who won’t hesitate to take the opportunity to make the task even more challenging.

  • Unrailed! – Claim for free for a limited time.

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