Free weekend on Steam – Iron Harvest and Enter the Gungeon

Right now, Steam users can play two highly addicting games for free.

If you want some fun without spending money, it’s either becoming part of the band of misfits or stopping a threat in an alternate reality. Which one of these activities sounds more fun to you? The following critically acclaimed titles are now included in the free-to-play weekend games offer.

Iron Harvest free weekend (August 18 – 21, 2022)

Playing Iron Harvest might be an exciting way to spend a weekend for those who enjoy strategies. It depicts an alternate world, shortly after the Great War, where tradition clashes with science and technological progress. Suddenly, a new threat targets Europe as it recovers from the war. Take control of giant mechs in an epic, twenty-hour-long single-player story mode, or face off against other players online.

Head over to this Steam store page to download and play Iron Harvest for free until Monday. You have just enough time to learn more about the game’s unique world.

Want to have more fun with Iron Harvest after the free trial ends? You can buy it right now on Steam at a 70% discount. There are also even better game deals for it in numerous keyshops:

Enter the Gungeon free weekend (August 18 – 22, 2022)

If it’s a challenging dungeon-crawling adventure you seek, try Enter the Gungeon, the second free-to-play game this weekend on Steam. Select your hero and roam through the procedurally-generated labyrinths to make their dream come true. There is only one thing a band of misfits seeks – a way to change their past to get rid of deep regret.

Visit the following Steam store page to download the game. After that, you can play Enter the Gungeon for free until Monday!

Do you wish to stick with the game for much longer? If you’re enjoying it during the f2p period, consider buying it. Below you can check the best deals from dozens of digital stores:

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