Free Weekend on Steam – Midnight Ghost Hunt, SpiderHeck, and PAYDAY 2

You can enjoy these games to your heart’s content throughout the weekend.

In the latest free-to-play offer on Steam, you can play a chaotic hide-and-seek game, duel as spiders with laser swords, and rob banks!

Play Midnight Ghost Hunt for free on Steam (September 22-26, 2022)

Take part in a fun multiplayer game of hide-and-seek. Possess objects as ghosts, or track down spirits as hunters! Only one team can come out victorious from such a murderous match.

Go to the following store page on Steam and click the “Play Game” button. Now you can start your free weekend with Midnight Ghost Hunt!

Can’t get enough of the fun gameplay? Here are the current deals for the game:

Play SpiderHeck for free on Steam (September 22-26, 2022)

SpiderHeck is a newly released couch brawler. Show off your skills, use a deadly variety of weapons, and become the most ferocious spider in the world. The game has fun physics that will make every match interesting!

To play, visit the following Steam store page. After downloading the game, you are ready to start your fun!

If you want to continue playing the game after a free weekend, below you can find the best offers from dozens of digital stores:

Play PAYDAY 2 for free on Steam (September 22-24, 2022)

PAYDAY 2 is a relatively well-known action-packed game about robbing banks and heists that never plays out the same way twice! If you have never tried it before, you can’t miss this PAYDAY 2 free weekend!

Go to this Steam store page and install the game to get your criminal career started. You have an entire two days to rob lots of places!

If you’d like to play PAYDAY 2 after the free-to-play period, here are the best deals from dozens of digital stores:

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