Free Weekend on Steam – War Dust VR and Tannenberg

Two shooters are free to play on Steam!

Step onto the battlefield in an authentic World War I shooter, or put on your VR goggles and fight in 32-man teams against others. Both gaming experiences are available for free this weekend only.

Play War Dust VR: 32v32 Battlefields for free on Steam (August 26-29, 2022)

To start arcade-style battles in virtual reality, go to the following store page on Steam and press the “Play Game” button. Now you can download the title from your library and start your War Dust VR free weekend!

Do you want to continue participating in fights, but the trial has ended? To play War Dust VR after the free period, you need to purchase the game. You can get it 40% off on Steam!

Play Tannenberg for free on Steam (August 26 – September 2, 2022)

If you are a fan of World War games, you just found something fun to do for the weekend! A multiplayer shooter with a WW1 setting, Tannenberg, will satisfy the most demanding fans. Players will have an opportunity to fight online battles dressed in authentic uniforms and equipped with realistic weaponry. Even maps are based on the actual battlefield!

To start the soldier career, go to this store page on Steam and press the “Play Game” button. Now you play the title for free!

To play Tannenberg after the f2p period, you must make a purchase. Here are the best deals from dozens of digital stores:

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