Free Weekend – State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, Stellaris, and more!

Try out four different games for free on Steam.

This weekend it’s going to be really hard to complain about not having anything to play, as Steam has prepared a lot of games for us. There are games you can experience alone or with other people online!

Play State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition for free on Steam (May 19-23, 2022)

If survival games are your favorites and you love zombies, you will be delighted once you hear that State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is free to play on Steam until Monday. The game will let you build your communities, where you will gather survivors, scavenge resources and try to stay alive in a world overtaken by dead creatures.

Go to this store page on Steam and click on the “Play” button, and voilà. After doing so, you will be able to download the game from the Steam library and start your State of Decay 2 free weekend!

You need to buy State of Decay 2 once the free period ends. These are the best offers on the game you can find in digital stores:

Stellaris free weekend on Steam (May 19-23, 2022)

Stellaris is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year. Paradox Interactive decided to make the game free to play this weekend to commemorate the event. This grand strategy game will surprise you with thousands of randomly generated galaxies, quests, and advanced gameplay mechanics.

To start expanding your space empire, visit this store page on Steam and press the “Play Game” button. Now you can play Stellaris for free!

You need to purchase Stellaris to continue your space voyage after a free-to-play period. These are the best game deals you can find among dozens of digital stores:

Try Poker Club for free on Steam (May 19-24, 2022)

Want to live the life of a pro poker player? You can do it this weekend only with one of the most immersive poker simulations, Poker Club. More than 10 Texas Hold’em modes await all players, and you can create your club with friends and enjoy various tournaments online!

To start placing your bets, follow this store page on Steam. Now you can feel the thrills of gambling with Poker Club free weekend!

Want to play Poker Club more after the free period? These are the best offers for the game from dozens of digital stores:

Play Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM free of charge on Steam (May 19 – June 2, 2022)

This indie horror game is yet another game you can play for free on Steam. Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM is a game that will allow you to experience life in the apartment block as a child during ghost month. Three innocent kiddos try to make a mysterious new neighbor to play with them. But nothing there is as it seems to be, and the place actually hides many dark secrets. Will you be able to find all of them?

Visit this store page on Steam if you wish to start playing the game. The game features a not-so-long story that you can quickly complete during the free-to-play period.

Had a good time with the game and want to own it? You can buy it at a low price in the following digital stores:

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