FREE World of Warcraft Shadowlands for the returning players

Prepare for the launch of Dragonflight expansion!

Blizzard has prepared a fantastic freebie for everyone who hasn’t played World of Warcraft in a while. You can grab a free copy of the WoW Shadowlands Base Edition and a Level 50 Character Boost on It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up with the latest WoW expansion and get ready for the new one, Dragonflight, which will be released later this year.

This offer is only for those who don’t own the Shadowlands add-on but have any other one assigned to their accounts. When you log in to the app, there will be a gift notification in the upper right corner. After pressing the “Claim” button, you can launch the game and enjoy the goodies.

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If, for some reason, you are eligible for the gift, but the icon isn’t showing, restart your Battlenet app and try again later. According to the Blizzard website, gift grants may take up to seven days to be processed. This giveaway is running only until September 5th, 2022.

Source: Official Blizzard website

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