FREE World of Warships Gamescom Small Camo Pack on Epic Games Store

Once you grab it, the additional content will stay in the game forever!

Paint your battleships in camouflage that will match the ongoing gaming exhibition perfectly! Players can add Gamescom Small Camo Pack DLC for free for a very limited time and keep it forever. If you play World of Warships, it goes without saying that you can’t miss this giveaway offer.

World of Warships free permanent camouflages

The freebie pack features a few items. Besides a single Gamescom Blue camouflage and Gamescom Black camouflage to use on your naval vessels, you will receive two small containers. These include one random item. You might get Free XP, expendable bonuses, credits, and, if lucky, even a Port slot!

The in-game items are available only for World of Warships players on the Epic Games Store. If you don’t own the base game on this platform, you can add it to the library here.

Now, go to the following store page, press the “GET” button and finalize the order. Once you log into the game, your free pack of goodies will be waiting for you!

This World of Warships giveaway is available until September 6th, 2022. Enjoy!

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