Get a FREE Steam key for the tinyBuild game of your choice from Alienware Arena

You can claim one of five tinyBuild games, and here’s how!

Alienware Arena is starting a tinyBuild Game Key Code Giveaway soon! During this freebie event, every user can choose a single Steam key from the five available. Alienware Arena will release a limited number of codes and only for a short time! 

Here’s the list of free Steam keys for tinyBuild games featured during the giveaway, including the exact time schedule when each freebie will go live:

To get your free title, visit the following page when the most wanted item on the list is being given away and claim it. Make sure to log in to the website beforehand. By doing so you’ll avoid login and register issues, as the website will be under heavy traffic. Remember that, as usual with Alienware Arena giveaways, these might be unavailable in some countries, and the number of free keys might vary depending on the region.

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