How to open Black Sites in Warzone 2 & earn free Weapon Blueprint reward

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 brings AI-infested Strongholds and Black Sites that contain high-tier loot and loadouts, so here’s how to open the Black Site to claim the free Weapon Blueprint reward.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 looks to immediately set itself apart from the original game by having AI play an important role in the map. Although these bots were everywhere at the Call of Duty Next event, they’ll be resigned to just the Gulag, Strongholds, and Black Sites come Warzone 2’s November 16 launch.

Clearing out Black Sites will be an important aspect of Warzone 2, as they’re a reliable way of getting your loadout and some valuable in-game items. Here’s how to open and clear Black sites and earn the free Weapon Blueprint reward.

What are Black Sites in Warzone 2?

Black Sites are areas in Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah that are more dangerous than a Stronghold, giving players who clear them out even more valuable in-game items and their loadout.

Expect to contend with some high-tier AI as well as real players who are looking to grab your plunder once you leave the Black Site.

How to open Black Sites in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 player in al mazrah map

To open a Black Site in Warzone 2, you’ll need to be the first player or team to clear out a Stronghold. Defeating all of the AI and defusing the bomb will grant you a Black Site key which is used to open one of these more dangerous areas.

If you arrive at a Stronghold after another team has cleared it out then you won’t be able to get a Black Site key, but you’ll be able to grab some loot and your loadout.

Free Weapon Blueprint reward with Warzone 2 Black Sites

Successfully clearing a Black Site by eliminating all of the AI will reward Warzone 2 players with an exclusive Weapon Blueprint that they’ll get to keep, although the devs haven’t revealed what it is yet.

Plenty of other free Blueprint rewards were up for grabs in the original Warzone, but we’ll likely have to wait until the first squad or player clears a Black Site once the battle royale releases on November 16 to know for sure.

You can also check out some of the other major Warzone 2 changes such as the Backpack, Armor, and Interrogation systems.

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