Humble Capcom Summer 2022 Bundle

Popular Capcom games such as Devil May Cry 5 or Monster Hunter World are featured in the new Humble Bundle!

The Humble has launched today a Capcom Summer 2022 Bundle. As you can guess, you can find in this collection some of the most-wanted Capcom titles, all for cheap!

Surprisingly, all of the bundle tiers in this Capcom Humble Bundle are very solid. The cheapest option, which is only one dollar, features the popular fighting game, Street Fighter V. This is the best price ever for the game, but don’t forget that this game is not alone there! The first tier of the Humble Capcom 2022 bundle includes three games, and below, you can see what else is there.

If you decide on the purchase of the highest bundle tier, you will receive nine Capcom games in total, including Devil May Cry 5 or Monster Hunter World. How cool is that! For a price of a single game, you get Steam keys for so many fantastic AAA games.

After purchasing the middle and highest tier of the Capcom bundle, you will receive some additional coupons in the Humble store. Everyone who will spend at least $10.00 will receive a 50% off coupon for SF V – Season 5 Champion Edition Upgrade Kit. And if you go for the complete bundle, you will be able to purchase Monster Hunter Rise at half of the price at the Humble Store with another voucher!

Capcom Summer 2022 Bundle on Humble runs until June 23rd, 2022.

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