Humble Choice July 2022 leak

Based on this hint, it’s pretty obvious which game will be on Humble Choice in July 2022.

Humble Choice July 2022 leak

It’s not a secret that the famous digital storefront loves teasing us by starting rumors about the next game on its subscription service. This month is no exception, as we’re once again hinting about the game that might be included in Humble Choice in July 2022.

The company posted a message on its Bilibili page (Chinese social media), including two emojis: 🪨🌌. These are referred to as “Rock” and “Milky Way”  (a.k.a. Galaxy), respectively.

“That’s just emojis,” you might say, but we dare to disagree. By showing emoticons, Humble tends to provoke discussions, resulting in an accurate guess.

It was tricky to crack the last month’s leak. After seeing alien and space images, the vast majority were betting on everything except STAR WARS: Squadrons, which ended up in the bundle. However, it was more apparent with the Humble Choice May 2022 leak when the users correctly assumed Planet Zoo, basing their suggestion on a lion emoji. 

What’s going to be on Humble Choice in July 2022?

A rock and a galaxy – is there a specific title coming to your mind? By combining these two pieces together, the evidence points to one game in particular that incorporates both of these keywords in its title. It looks like Deep Rock Galactic will be a part of Humble Choice in July 2022.

We will find out for sure on July 5, when the bundle goes live. In case you’re interested in subscribing to Humble Choice, you can do so now to get games from Humble Choice – June 2022, such as STAR WARS: Squadrons, Phoenix Point: Year One Edition, Gamedec, and much more.

Do you agree with this speculation about Humble Choice July? Would you be glad to see this title about warrior dwarves in the lineup? Let us know in the comment section below. Maybe you have a different guess you’d like to share with other users and us. 😉

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