Humble Choice – July 2022

The latest monthly bundle includes Deep Rock Galactic, ATOM RPG Trudograd, and Yes, Your Grace.

The leak turned out to be legit! The rumored headline game (about which we wrote in this article) is Deep Rock Galactic! 🪨 🌌 

Aside from the popular co-op FPS, subscribers will get a couple of Steam keys for more great titles. The bundle in July 2022 goes live with Yes, Your Grace, a kingdom management simulator game. In this one, you play the role of King Eryk and make decisions that impact what becomes of your country and the people around you.

The other noteworthy highlight is ATOM RPG Trudograd. As a rookie agent A.T.O.M., you are about to embark on a very dangerous mission into the Soviet Wastes. Will you be able to survive in a giant post-apocalyptic metropolis? The game is a standalone story expansion to ATOM RPG. 

If you ask us, these titles alone are worth buying the pack! And here is the complete lineup of this month’s Humble Choice collection:

Humble Choice is $11.99 monthly or $129.00 for the annual plan. When you sign up, you’ll get the games listed above straight away! As a member, you will also benefit from an additional discount to use in their store, and access to the Humble Games Collection.

The bundle runs until August 2nd, 2022.

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