Humble Choice – September 2022

The new edition of the monthly bundle includes Crusader Kings III, Descenders, and Just Cause 4 Complete Edition.

If you’re following our page, half of the Humble Choice September 2022 lineup will come as no surprise to you. The titles revealed in the Humble Choice leaks, including Crusaders Kings 3 as the main game, are contained in a new monthly package. Considering its value and checking its price history on, it is easy to conclude that it is still quite expensive in the official stores. Therefore, buying the new HB pack is an excellent solution for those who want to snag it for less!

Moreover, there are seven more fantastic games included. Even if you’re not a fan of Paradox’s strategies, the other items in the set are top-notch. One of them is Forgive Me Father, a dark horror first-person shooter. Besides stunning retro-looking visuals, it offers a classic 90s FPS experience. Furthermore, Descenders and Just Cause 4 are also noteworthy. It’s important to notice that Humble Choice is only $12.00, and purchasing all these titles outside the pack would cost you much more!

Below is the complete list of games in the Humble Choice September 2022 bundle.

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