Humble Dungeons The Complete Trilogy Bundle

With the most recent Humble Bundle, you can purchase Dungeons titles for less!

The Humble has started a new bundle that is perfect for people who want to enter the world of Dungeons or wish to expand their experience! Humble Dungeons: The Complete Trilogy features every game from the franchise, as well as some additional content!

The pack starts at $1.00. Upon purchase, you will receive Steam keys for the first two installments and a bunch of excellent DLCs. The higher tier you choose, the more content you get. For example, you can expand your library with Dungeons 3 if you choose the most expensive option. Additionally, you’ll receive every paid add-on!

The most recent Humble Dungeons The Complete Trilogy Bundle runs until September 15th, 2022.

In the highest bundle tier, you will also receive an additional 40% off coupon for Disciples: Liberation in the Humble Store.

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