Humble Game Bundle: LEGO At the Movies

The new collection is filled with LEGO games based on blockbusters.

Humble released today the new LEGO games bundle. It’s been longer than a year since we got the last one, so if you were impatiently waiting for a next one, your wait is over!

You can expand your Steam library for only one dollar, not with one, but actually TWO TITLES! You can get keys for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and The LEGO Movie – Videogame for a mere dollar. It will be nearly impossible to beat that kind of a great deal, so make sure you don’t skip at least the cheapest option.

As usual with Humble Bundle, there are a few price tiers. The last tier contains nine items, and you can buy the entire collection for $10.00, a reasonably solid offer. Take a look at the lineup and decide on the purchase.

Humble Game Bundle: LEGO At the Movies will run until July 30th.

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