Humble Handheld PC Power Bundle

Got a Steam Deck or any other portable gaming PC? Then you can’t miss this bundle!

We’ve got some good news if you were hoping to see a games bundle dedicated to the Steam Deck. Humble Handheld PC Power Bundle features games that are playable on the new Valve handheld without any issues. And of course, the games included in the bundle will also work on any portable gaming PC of a different brand.

The bundle starts from ten dollars, which isn’t the usual Humble Bundle formula. However, that also means this bundle tier features some truly outstanding games! In the first bundle tier, you can find a dinosaur tycoon management simulation Parkasaurus and a challenging isometric role-playing game Exanima. But that’s not all you will get after buying Handheld PC Power Bundle for ten dollars. Below you can see more details.

Do you want to own games like Orcs Must Die! 3 or MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries? That’s the highest tier bundle for you! Pay $20.00, which might sound expensive, but don’t forget you will get eight games in total ready to be played on your Steam Deck! These are sure to bring lots of fun, and it does look like a solid starter game kit for handheld gaming PCs.


You have three whole weeks to decide on a purchase. Humble Handheld PC Power Bundle runs until June 2nd, 2022.

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