Humble Paradox Turn-Based Bundle

Get a bunch of popular Paradox games in one insanely cheap collection!

Classic role-playing experience? Tactical game in a cyberpunk setting? All of these, and much more, are featured in the new Humble Bundle. You can’t go past this collection if you idolize turn-based gameplay and titles that can devour an incredible amount of free time.

Humble Paradox Turn-Based Bundle features only one $12.00 price tier. While only six items are included there, all of these are, in fact, packs that contain additional content or a few games in one. For example, Pillars of Eternity comes in its definitive edition. That means you get access to two huge expansion chapters besides a base game. Shadowrun Trilogy? There are three titles in the pack and some smaller add-ons! The total value of this Humble pack easily exceeds $250, and you can actually snag it for a piece of the price.

Here’s what else you can find in the new Humble Bundle. You have time for your purchase only until September 1st.

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