Humble Software Bundle: RPG Maker Resurgence

Get creative! You can now make your own role-playing game for cheap.

The latest Humble Bundle has something for aspiring game developers. If you are unsure where to start, why not try RPG Maker?

For a single dollar, you will be able to access RPG Maker VX Ace and a small collection of ready-to-use assets. The base price of the software still stands at $69.99, and even on sales with huge discounts, it never drops below five dollars. It’s the cheapest way to try out the full program version, and you get something extra included with the purchase!

There are three more tiers to the new Humble RPG Maker bundle. If you decide to pay at least $35.00, you will get dozens of additional assets and other versions of the popular role-playing game-making software. Below you can see the rest tiers and what’s included in each.

In case you have missed it, many of the items included in the collection are available DRM-Free or don’t have specified DRM on the bundle’s page. Additionally, people who pay at least $1.00 will get a 35% off coupon to apply on RPG Maker MZ in the Humble Store.

Humble Software Bundle: RPG Maker Resurgence will be available from today, June 30th, and will run until July 21st.

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