Humble Store – 2K Build Your Own Bundle

Includes Borderlands games, XCOM franchise, and much more!

The latest Build Your Own Bundle offer on the Humble Store will let you save up to 85% on games published by 2K. The selection features some of their best titles!

There are over 40 games and DLCs in total to choose from. Pick up three items to get 75% off the retail price, four for 80% off, or five (and more) to reach the maximum 85% discount on each selected game.

Scroll down to check out the complete list of titles available in Humble 2K BYOB. You can also see it directly on the bundle’s page. If you are a Humble Choice member, you can get an extra 20% in saving. Not a subscriber? You can join it here.

This bundle deal will end on August 5h, 2022.

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