Humble tinyBuild x Versus Evil Smashup Bundle

Ten games for twelve dollars. Will you take advantage of this great offer?

The new collection by Humble features titles from two publishers: tinyBuild and Versus Evil. If you fancy some fun indie productions, you won’t be disappointed.

For a mere dollar, you can actually score three Steam games! The first bundle tier contains Hello Neighbor, Guts and Glory, and Let Them Come. It’s definitely an offer you can’t refuse.

tinyBuild x Versus Evil Smashup bundle has two more price tiers, which guarantee even more Steam keys, including Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Cardpocalypse, and The Hand of Merlin. Below you can find the complete lineup, so look at it to decide which games are most interesting to you.

If you purchase the most expensive tier of the bundle, you’ll receive additional vouchers to use in the Humble store. Everyone who will spend at least $12.00 will get a 15% off preorder coupon for Eville and a 20% preorder coupon for Hello Neighbor 2.

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