Humble Valiant VR Bundle

There are a few VR games that are must-play!

Humble Bundle, in its latest pack, presents a bunch of games meant to be played using VR Headsets. If you lack these in your Steam library, that’s your chance to score these for cheap.

This time there is no one-dollar price tier. Instead, Valiant VR Bundle begins with ten dollars option for two quite popular virtual reality titles: a team-based competitive multiplayer shooter, Contractors, and an action-adventure stealth game, Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency.

But this bundle shines with its second, twenty dollars tier. Instead of only two games, you will receive Steam keys for seven in total. Don’t be surprised to hear that a terrifying survival VR game, Into the Radius, and a near-futuristic combat flight game VTOL VR, are included. Prices of both, even during the sales, remain pretty high. With the purchase of this pack, you are guaranteed to expand your collection with some quality titles in the cheapest possible way.

Here is the complete line-up of the Humble Valiant VR Bundle. You can buy it only until September 10th, 2022.

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