Hunt: Showdown DLC Bundle Sales! – Up to 74% OFF

Catch multiple of our Bundles on Sale now with huge discounts!

Already own the game and looking to fill out your DLC collection? We’ve got you covered! The bundle discounts also apply if you already own some of the DLCs included in the offer. So, head on over to our store to take advantage of these savings and get your hands on those Legendary’s you have always wanted in your collection!

One of the best places to start with Hunt is our Starter Hunter Edition!
Featuring the base game as well as 3 heavily discounted DLCs to get your collection started.

Interested in putting fear in the hearts of any enemy that crosses you in the Bayou? Check out our NATURE’S NIGHTMARES Bundle for up to 26% OFF. Featuring Lonely Howl, Cold Blooded, and Reap what you Sow DLCs! ‘Daughter of Decay’ can still help you complete Serpents Moon with her Legendary Event booster.

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