Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds on – get 340 PC games for $10

For a small price, you’ll enlarge your game collection and help women in the US access safe abortions.

A new charity bundle has dropped on, so we couldn’t pass by without informing our readers without raising awareness of it. This time the gaming community has a chance to help thousands of women in the US to access safe abortion.

100% of the raised during Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds money will be passed to the National Network for Abortion Fund. The gathered sum will be distributed to the funds in over 20 states where termination of pregnancy was outlawed after the controversial overturn of the Roe v Wade case.

For only $10, you’ll get 792 items overall. This includes an enormous collection of 340 DRM-free keys as well as books, tools, and other types of digital content. Some of the most noteworthy titles are:

This charity fundraising will last until July 14. You are encouraged to pay above the minimum donation you can do so. There will be no Steam keys, as the content of the bundle will be available in the form of direct downloads. You can check out the full content directly on

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