JGOD has one major concern about Warzone’s new Fortune’s Keep map

Warzone Season 4 looks as though it will be a big one for the CoD battle royale after the developers teased a brand-new map called Fortune’s Keep. Following teasers revealing certain sections of the island, the full map is now visible.

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded has been a big hit among the community, but attention is beginning to turn to what lies ahead. Season 4 is right around the corner, and players can’t wait to see how Raven Software shakes up the formula this time.

New weapons and meta adjustments are given in each new season, but new maps don’t come around very often. Fans haven’t been treated to a new playground since the game moved over to Caldera in December 2021, but that is all about to change.

The developers have revealed Fortune’s Keep, the next major addition in Warzone Season 4, and it appears to be heavily linked to Rebirth Island.

warzone rebirth island reinforced

On June 12, the official Call of Duty Twitter account began teasing the new map, calling for players to guess the missing letters to reveal the name. Shortly after, the name “Fortune’s Keep” was revealed.

The devs also promised that the “Tac Map” would be fully revealed on June 13 with the help of the community.

Warzone Fortune’s Keep Tac Map revealed

The Call of Duty Twitter account tweeted out an area of Fortune Keep’s Tac Map, revealing that there will be twelve pieces that need to be uncovered. These new Warzone areas were then pieced together by the Call of Duty community in an attempt to “Complete the map and claim your fortune.”

Here’s the first look at Fortune’s Keep Tac Map which highlights twelve different POIs. Portions of the map were revealed to Warzone content creators, and slowly but surely the full Tac Map came together.

Straight away it seems to be a small map akin to Rebirth Island. It remains to be seen in what way, if any, this map is connected to the Rebirth Island that players know and love.

Whether the two share a connection or not, players will have a brand-new map to discover in Season 4 with exciting POIs like Keep, Smuggler’s Cove, and Town.

In the Warzone Season 3 Reloaded blog post, it was mentioned that Rebirth Island is under attack from a group of hackers at an unnamed location. This is why the regular Occupational Scans occur during matches.

“Although there are no physical threats detected, we are led to believe that mercenary forces, currently stationed at [[REDACTED]] may be contracted shortly to attack our Alliance on Rebirth Island,” the Call of Duty blog said.

With a name like Fortune’s Keep, all signs are pointing to a group of pirates disrupting Rebirth Island from afar, and players will likely have to deal with the threat during Warzone Season 4. It remains to be seen if the map will temporarily replace Rebirth with its own ruleset, or if the two will be playable at the same time.

For more on the future of Warzone, check out the first glimpse of the Warzone 2 map during the Modern Warfare 2 reveal.

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