New Vanguard & Warzone weapons spotted in Season 4 trailer

Vanguard Season 3 is in full swing, but players may already be looking at what we can expect over the rest of 2022. Here’s everything we know about Vanguard Season 4, including its release date, round-based Zombies map, and more.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 3 brought some significant changes including the highly-requested Trophy System, the kernel-level RICOCHET anti-cheat, new weapons, and maps.

But there’s still a lot more Vanguard content to come, with Season 4 arriving very soon. We’re taking a look at everything we know about Vanguard Season 4 so far, including the release date, Shi No Numa map, map leaks, and more.

Warzone Season 4 key art

When is Vanguard Season 4? Season 3 end date

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 4 goes live immediately after Season 3 concludes on Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

Call of Duty confirmed the date when they revealed Season 4’s key art which shows off Warzone’s new Fortune’s Keep map. This is also when the Season 3 Battle Pass expires, so make sure you’ve earned all of the rewards ahead of June 22.

USS Texas leaked for Vanguard Season 4

USS Texas map in CoD WWII

It appears Sledgehammer Games will be re-introducing one of their previous maps with WWII’s USS Texas discovered in the Vanguard Season 4 game files.

USS Texas was a launch map from 2017’s WWII taking place on a Battleship where there are long-range fights down the sides with the ship’s interior suited for close-range combat.

Of course, this is just a leak for now and there’s no guarantee that USS will arrive in Season 4. Plus, if it is true, it could arrive later in Season 4 during the mid-Season update.

Round-based Shi No Numa arrives in Vanguard Zombies

shi no numa map in cod zombies

Zombies players have been begging for Vanguard to receive a traditional round-based map, and it’s finally coming in Season 4 with a reimagining of World at War’s Shi No Numa.

This map remaster will bring an “all-new Main Quest and Side Quests, a new area to explore, a new Wonder Weapon Quest, the classic Flogger trap and Electro-Shock Defenses, remastered Easter Eggs, new Pack-a-Punch Camos, and a new Dark Aether narrative for the map.”

Treyarch confirmed that Shi No Numa will arrive at Season 4’s launch on Wednesday, June 22.

Expected Vanguard Season 4 content

Aside from Butcher as the new Operator, Sledgehammer Games haven’t revealed what we can expect to see in Vanguard Season 4, but each season follows a very similar content structure.

With previous seasons in mind, here’s everything we expect to see in Vanguard Season 4:

  • Butcher Operator
  • New weapons
  • New maps
  • New game modes
  • Season 4 Battle Pass
  • Zombies updates
  • New Ranked Play Season with unique rewards
  • And more

If you’re also interested in the Warzone side of the Season 4 update, you can check out everything we know about Warzone Season 4.

Image Credit: Activision

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