Spirit of the North and The Captain

Epic Games again plans to spoil us with two freebies!

As always, Epic Games Store has already revealed what titles will be available to grab next Thursday. This time, Spirit of the North and The Captain are planned for the future giveaway.

The first freebie, Spirit of the North, is a single-player adventure game in which you play as a red fox. His path will cross with another mysterious creature who will provide him with a supernatural power that can change the world. The title may pique the interest of those fond of Nordic folklore, as it inspired the game’s story.

The second upcoming goodie, The Captain, is also an adventure game. It lets you take on the role of a Spacefleet science officer who somehow got lost on the other side of the galaxy. Moreover, he holds something that can stop dark forces from destroying the Earth. Will you manage to return in time to stop them? You can find out next week.

Stay tuned with our Epic Store free games section if you want to ensure that you won’t miss the next Epic Games giveaway. It provides all the necessary information about upcoming free goodies.

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